KFPS Royal Friesian


Piet Bergsma and Sabien Zwaga nominated for inspector


The KFPS Board has invited the Member Council to attend an extra, closed meeting of the Member Council to discuss their vision in relation to the future of Jury and Inspection. ‘Lately, the Board has thoroughly looked into the policies concerning the Inspection and Jury. Also instigated by recent developments, we have come to the conclusion that the present mode of operation does not sufficiently safeguard the desired quality and professional implementation for the future’, Bert Wassenaar explains the purpose of the meeting. The meeting has been scheduled for 24 March.

During this extra meeting of the Member Council the KFPS Board will nominate Piet Bergsma and Sabien Zwaga as the new inspectors.  

Piet Bergsma has been a member of the KFPS Jury body since 1985, in which capacity he has also been active as a linear scorer. Additionally, Bergsma has a seat on the Re-inspection Committee of the stallion selection. Sabien Zwaga has been a member of the KFPS Jury since 2007 and in recent years has been closely involved with the Inspection as a prospective inspector. ‘With Piet Bergsma and Sabien Zwaga the KFPS Inspection will be reinforced with two excellent people. Piet Bergsma ranks among the most experienced and seasoned jury members within the Studbook. Over the past few years, Sabien Zwaga has fulfilled her role as a prospective inspector in a highly professional way’, is how KFPS Chairman Bert Wassenaar explains their choice.