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Friesian Proms friday evening sold out !


The Friesian Proms on Friday evening is sold out ! For thursday evening there are still tickets available. 


‘The most magnificent horse in the world is the Friesian horse.’ That was the message shared across thousands of web sites, newspapers, radio- and television stations last May. Long black manes, a strapping and spirited appearance. More than ever before does the Friesian horse appeal to the imagination.

On the 12th and 13th of January dozens of Friesian horses are the absolute stars of the musical show called Friesian Proms. They will share the stage with singer Xander Buisonjé, musical star Joke de Kruijf, the immensely popular girl band O’G3NE and the musical/comical duo Stenzel & Kivits. The artists will be accompanied by ‘The Symphonic Music Connection’ under the leadership of conductor Theo Brouwer. The Friesian Proms are directed by Theo Smedes.

The programme of Friesian Proms hosts an abundance of horse acts. Josh Clemens and his show team will be there with a spectacular Wild West show. Santi Serra Camps from Catalonia will come to demonstrate his freestyle dressage. He travels the world giving shows in which his horses and dogs caper around the arena with him in complete freedom.

And needless to say there will be many Friesian horses, riders and drivers from our ‘home ranks’ to give us their very best, partly in combination with the other artists who are set to put in an appearance.