KFPS Royal Friesian


Six new Studbook stallions


On Saturday 10 December last the Studbook added six new stallions to the hall of fame of Studbook stallions; five young stallions via regular proceedings and one via the 2-week Short Test.
Two Sport stallions had been invited to the Short Test: 13-year-old Lex oet Oale Kloosterveen Star Sport (Brandus 345 x Nikolaas 310) and 7-year-old Djorn van de Demro Stables Star Sport (Jorn 430 x Maiko 373). On his arrival Lex proved to be a little irregular both in-hand as well as under saddle and consequently was not allowed to continue.
Peter Spahn starts Djorn van de Demro Stables at Light Tour level in dressage. For his final exam Djorn was presented under saddle by Spahn himself and he was approved as Elias 494.

Star of the Performance Test
Mees van Rijnwoude (Tymon 456 x Dries 421) emerged as this year’s star of the test. He was approved as Mees 497. The 4-year-old Mees has already won the Friesian Talent Cup for stallions and geldings and the Pavo Fryso Cup for 4-year-old stallions and geldings. The 5-year-old Jorbert fan ‘e Sûderleane (Maurits 437 x Jasper 366), approved as Jurre 495, won the in-harness Novice Class with Jelmer Chardon.
The 3-year-old Siert fan Wadway (Dries 421 x Sape 381) enters his stud service as Siert 499 and had received the green light via the second chance route. Arie de Hoek is the breeder of Menno fan Oostenburg (Norbert 444 x Beart 411), now approved as Menne 496, and Pieter Okkema is the breeder of Rick van de Noeste Hoeve (Norbert 444 x Jasper 366) who now continues as Rommert 498. Both men have had stallions from their best mare lines advance to the Performance Test on several previous occasions. The fact that they have at last succeeded is the crown on their vision and determination.