KFPS Royal Friesian


Friesian Proms 2017


Enjoying a musical show programme with the Friesian horse playing the star role, that is exactly what the KFPS has in mind with Friesian Proms 2017. Nowhere in the world can such a unique spectacle be seen except in Leeuwarden on the 12th and 13th of January.
‘The audience won’t know where to look first’, says Theo Smedes, director of horse acts. Again, Theo Brouwer has signed up for the musical accompaniment of artists and horses assisted by the orchestra The Symphonic Music Connection and the Friesian Proms Choir.
Xander de Buisonjé has been contracted to sing ‘Zij gelooft in mij’ surrounded by Friesians. Girl Band O’G3NE is preparing one of their most special performances in the run-up to the Eurovision Song Festival in Kiev. Together with the Z-Friesian Team Groningen they are guarantee for a magical show. Musical star Joke de Kruijf even hops on board a Friesian from where she will sing the song ‘Think of me’ from the musical The Phantom of the Opera. The comic musical duo Stenzel and Kivits are a sure recipe for giving everyone the giggles.

Horse acts galore
The Friesian horse shines in its role as star player. Show driving, haute école dressage, long lining, freestyle dressage and stunts. Santi Serra Camps is an adept at enchanting the audience with his Friesian horses and dogs. Breathtaking is the dance Peter Spahn and Djorn van de Demro Stables (Jorn 430) perform in the spotlights. Josh Clemens and his show team are there to wow the audience with their spectacular acts. From our own ranks there will be Susan Bouwman and her team, Augustinus Hoekstra, Saskia Meinema, the Z-Friesian Team and Het Friese Tuigpaard (Friesian Show Driving Horse, ed.) to give us their best.