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  • 6/11/2017

    KFPS staff introductions

    The organisation is held afloat by the KFPS staff and the general management. Any studbook needs good-quality staff for its day-to-day running. But who are these hardwo Lees meer

  • 11/08/2017

    Lineage verification and application DNA tests dwarfism and hydrocephaly

    At the last meeting of the Member Council the following has been decided with regard to lineage verification and the DNA tests for dwarfism and hydrocephaly:
    1. All Lees meer

  • 3/07/2017

    Party time for DFZ and DFF!

    The foreign associations are an integral part of the KFPS and this year two of these daughter associations have an anniversary to celebrate: the Dansk Frieser Forbund (Den Lees meer

  • 3/07/2017


    Today the word got out that the owners of Siert 499, approved in December last, have decided to withdraw their stallion from active stud service. From the beginnin Lees meer