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  • 6/11/2017

    Workshop: Which stallion do I choose for my mare?

    Are you a breeder and would be interested in a workshop with a KFPS jury member to discuss your stallion choice? Why not opt for the Champion? Are you aware of the charact Lees meer

  • 6/11/2017

    First EC a roaring success

    The Stichting Kennis & Promotie Platform Fries Dressuurpaard (Foundation Knowledge & Promotion Platform Friesian Dressage Horse, ed.) has launched its first EC Sub Lees meer

  • 6/11/2017

    Great party with Douwe Bob!

    Preparations for FRIESIAN Proms 2018 are in full swing. With contracted performances of Alessandro Safina, Douwe Bob, Elske DeWall and soprano Belinda Vermeer the line up  Lees meer

  • 6/11/2017

    Presentación del Staff de la KFPS

    La organización se mantiene a flote por el personal de la KFPS y la administración general. Cualquier Li Lees meer

  • 9/10/2017

    Model mare Elza Maaike claims Champion Title

    With her charismatic trot Pieter and Tiety Okkema’s Model mare Elza Maaike v.d. Noeste Hoeve (Norbert 444 x Rik 396) commanded success at the Central Inspection.  Lees meer

  • 9/10/2017

    Muscleman Mees 497 steals the show

    Under the name Mees van Rijnwoude (Tymon 456) this stallion managed to win both the Friesian Talent Cup and the Pavo Fryso Cup Dressage Aptitude for 4-year-old stallions a Lees meer

  • 9/10/2017

    Ticket sales Faderpaard 2018 off to a good start

    The ticket sales for Faderpaard 2018 have taken off quite well, with many people cashing in on the extra 25% member discount. In the first week sales have gone up by over  Lees meer

  • 9/10/2017

    Mewes 438 continues career in South Africa

    The 13-year-old Studbook stallion Mewes 438 continues his breeding career in South Africa. Hendrik Eppinga of stud station Gaasterland in Oudemirdum has sold the stallion  Lees meer