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  • 17/08/2017

    25% member discount Stallion Inspection and FRIESIAN PROMS

    11th to 13th of January are the dates for the Stallion Inspection & FRIESIAN PROMS. The WTC expo in Leeuwarden will again be converted into a wonderful arena including Lees meer

  • 11/08/2017

    Lineage verification and application DNA tests dwarfism and hydrocephaly

    At the last meeting of the Member Council the following has been decided with regard to lineage verification and the DNA tests for dwarfism and hydrocephaly:
    1. All Lees meer

  • 8/08/2017

    Friesian horses in the Grand Prix

    Friesian horses have become much more adept at finding their way to the higher dressage levels. And they’re not just making a name for themselves in the Netherlan Lees meer

  • 3/07/2017

    Party time for DFZ and DFF!

    The foreign associations are an integral part of the KFPS and this year two of these daughter associations have an anniversary to celebrate: the Dansk Frieser Forbund (Den Lees meer

  • 3/07/2017

    A learning curve

    ‘At the most recent meetings of the regions and Member Council we have come to an interim definition about how to deal with hereditary defects in our breeding. Th Lees meer

  • 3/07/2017

    A closer look at the Inspection

    For many within a Studbook it’s all a bit of a grey area: the Inspection and its inspectors. In its most literary meaning, inspectors have been assigned positions fo Lees meer

  • 3/07/2017

    Crown jewel Martzen út Terherne

    Crown jewel Martzen út Terherne (Jakob 302) was born in Siebren Kalsbeek’s yard in Terherne in 1996. At the age of four she came in the ownership of the Marke Lees meer

  • 3/07/2017

    Sick mare after foaling

    Usually the foaling process is quite straightforward, however, not only foals can be afflicted by complications following the birth. Mares too can become sick or colicky a Lees meer