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  • 5/03/2017

    Piet Bergsma and Sabien Zwaga nominated for inspector

    The KFPS Board has invited the Member Council to attend an extra, closed meeting of the Member Council to discuss their vision in relation to the future of Jury and Inspec Lees meer

  • 6/02/2017

    Jurre 495 impresses with exceptional trot

    In a completely sold-out venue the just recently approved Jurre 495 (Maurits 437) was elected Champion of the Stallion Inspection, with the Reserve Title going to Nane  Lees meer

  • 23/01/2017

    Breeder of the year 2016

    During the Stallion Inspection Pieter Okkema from Witmarsum has been proclaimed Breeder of the Year 2016.  The list of top breeders compiled by the KFPS was based on  Lees meer

  • 23/01/2017

    Eise 489 Horse of the Year 2016

    Jelmer Chardon presented Studbook stallion Eise 489 (Maurits 437 x Olof 315) in front of the sjees to be offered the Silver Bowl at the Stallion Inspection. He had however Lees meer

  • 18/01/2017

    Survey Faderpaard 2017

    Have you visited the Stallion Inspection and / or Friesian Proms during Faderpaard 2017?

    Lees meer

  • 13/01/2017


    The Stallion Inspection which take place from 12 till 14 January is SOLD OUT! This means that there are no tickets available tomorrow at the WTC Expo!  Lees meer

  • 11/01/2017

    KFPS office closed

    Due to the Stallion Inspection and Friesian Proms is the KFPS office closed from 12 till 14 january 2017 ! At 11 January the office is hard to reach. See you at the Stalli Lees meer

  • 11/01/2017

    Live blog and livestream for the Stallion Inspection !

    The KFPS will provide a live blog on the website during the Stallion Inspection to keep you informed about the performances of the Friesian stallions ! 

    &n Lees meer