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  • 17/01/2019

    Hessel 480 completes progeny testing

    Hessel 480 Sport (Norbert x Jelke) has been stationed in the United States since last year and he is the only stallion who completed his Progeny Test in 2018. The Board ha Lees meer

  • 12/01/2019

    Jurre 495 for the third time Overall Champion

    Jurre 495 Overall Champion

    Tsjalle 454, Alwin 469, Markus 491 and Jurre 495 were the selected horses for the overall Championship. The public was enthous Lees meer

  • 11/01/2019

    39 stallions to Central Examination

    The third viewing on friday 11th January resulted in 39 stallions for the Central Examination. With 9 sons Jehannes 484 delivers most stallions, followed by Tsjalle 454 wi Lees meer

  • 10/01/2019

    51 stallions redirected to third viewing

    The Stallion Show has started on thursday 10th january with the second viewing. 51 stallions are redirected to the  Lees meer

  • 3/01/2019

    102 stallions on course for Leeuwarden

    The First Viewing took place in Drachten in the first week of December and has yielded 99 invitations for the Second Viewing In Leeuwarden. Whether all these individuals s Lees meer

  • 3/01/2019

    Programme Faderpaard 2019

    The three-day event Faderpaard 2019 takes place from 10 to 12 January at the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden.

    Thursday 10 January
    09.00 – 17.30 hrs:Lees meer

  • 3/01/2019

    Together in search of perfection

    Grand Prix rider and Dutch Pas de Deux Champion Lisanne Veenje is preparing a performance for FRIESIAN PROMS on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th of January in unison with her Lees meer

  • 3/01/2019

    Clinicprogramme Stallion Show

    We have again compiled an attractive programme for Friday the 11th of January, offering a variety of clinics during this year’s Stallion Inspection.

    Lees meer