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  • 16/01/2018

    Jurre 495 prolongs title Overall Champion Stallion Inspection

    The Champion Election of last Saturday´s Stallion Inspection was downright electrifying. Four top stallions strongly contested each other for the much-coveted title  Lees meer

  • 11/01/2018


    Vanessa van Moravia was bred in the Czech Republic and in the pool of low kinship mares she is the new leader on the list for breeding value exterior. This now 4-year-old  Lees meer

  • 6/01/2018

    Stallion Inspection on Saturday January 13th also fully booked

    Stallion Inspection on Saturday January 13th also fully booked

    Once again word must go out that the Stallion Inspection on Saturday the 13th of Jan Lees meer

  • 3/01/2018

    Stud license for four stallions

    The final assessment of the Central Examination resulted in the registration of four new Studbook stallions. We have reached the magic number of 500, a milestone in the Lees meer

  • 3/01/2018

    FRIESIAN PROMS and Faderpaard 2018

    It has been known for a while now that Ellen ten Damme has been given a prominent role in ‘The Storm Rider’, but it is a pleasant surprise to announce that she Lees meer

  • 3/01/2018

    Stallion Inspection live on Omrop Fryslân

    Once again the KFPS Stallion Inspection in Leeuwarden will be broadcast live on Omrop Fryslân. On Saturday January 13th from 8.30 the inspection of the Studbook stal Lees meer

  • 21/12/2017

    Clinic program Stallion Show 2018

    Click here for the complete clinic program

    Click here for ticket sales
      Lees meer

  • 12/12/2017

    Integral approach of structure, culture and processes

    As a follow-up to the presentation  of the MC Committee during the meeting of the Member Council on Friday the 17th of November last,  the Board and the MC have  Lees meer