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  • 13/03/2018

    Felle 422 has passed away

    Yesterday the Van der Weide family from Ansen, owners of studbook stallion Felle 422, announced on Facebook that the stallion was put to sleep last week. Felle 422 had bee Lees meer

  • 27/02/2018

    Royal Friesian Pin

    Hans Maes has received the Royal Friesian Pin out of the hands of KFPS Chairman Bert Wassenaar. After a period of twelve years Hans Maes has given up his position as Presi Lees meer

  • 9/02/2018

    Carrier status on the basis of lineage added to MyKFPS

    Since last year all new Star mares and all mares with a registered foal are tested for hydrocephaly and dwarfism. Along with this, the status of all active Studbook stalli Lees meer

  • 30/01/2018

    Death of Tietse 428

    Last week stallion Tietse 428 passed away. Tietse 428 and Tsjabring 429 were the first stallions to be approved by way of the Short Test back in 2006. He had earned his re Lees meer

  • 23/01/2018

    Death of Ielke 382 and Wikke 404

    The two Studbook stallions Ielke 382 and Wikke 404 both died in the last two weeks.


    Ielke 382 has had quite a remarkable career. He was  Lees meer

  • 16/01/2018

    Jurre 495 prolongs title Overall Champion Stallion Inspection

    The Champion Election of last Saturday´s Stallion Inspection was downright electrifying. Four top stallions strongly contested each other for the much-coveted title  Lees meer

  • 11/01/2018


    Vanessa van Moravia was bred in the Czech Republic and in the pool of low kinship mares she is the new leader on the list for breeding value exterior. This now 4-year-old  Lees meer

  • 6/01/2018

    Stallion Inspection on Saturday January 13th also fully booked

    Stallion Inspection on Saturday January 13th also fully booked

    Once again word must go out that the Stallion Inspection on Saturday the 13th of Jan Lees meer